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Automated Code Refactoring with OpenRewrite

Trainer(s): Sebastian Konieczek and/or Sascha Selzer, duration: 7 hours

About this training
You have a huge code base and code wide refactorings take up a huge amount of time? Upgrading libraries and adjusting your code due to breaking changes is nearly impossible because almost all your code files are affected? Updating or adding license headers in your code files is a pain and everyone forgets it almost everytime? This sounds like a nightmare to me. Wouldn’t it be great to automate these annoying tasks? I have good news for you, and it is called OpenRewrite! In this session we will have a closer look at this tool and how it can help you with automated code refactorings. We will learn how to include it into your project and how the result of the applied refactorings look like with an example Java application.


  • introduction of the OpenRewrite framework,
  • recap of the visitor pattern,
  • use OpenRewrite in a project,
  • configure complex recipes,
  • implement own recipe that renames a field

Training goals
Get an understanding of how OpenRewrite works and how to utilize its capabilities in your own project.

Target audience
Beginners with OpenReWrite.

Technical requirements
Own Laptop required. Java needs to be installed as well as an IDE. IntelliJ IDEA is recommended.

About the trainers
The trainers Sacha and Sebastian are actively contributing to the OpenRewrite project. The training was given by the trainers at the JavaLand 2024 conference, among others, as a day training and very well received.

Practical details

Standard pricing for this training: EUR 695,- ex VAT per attendee.
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Trainings can be given in one of our offices (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Munich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Zurich), on site at a client location, or (in some cases) remote. Training content can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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