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Quarkus Essentials

Trainer(s): Jago de Vreede, duration: 8 hours

In this training you will learn the essentials of building a Quarkus application from scratch. This can be a microservice or complete application as Quarkus is not limited to microservices.

Detailed description
Quarkus is designed to work with popular Java standards, frameworks, and libraries like Eclipse MicroProfile and Spring as well as Apache Kafka, RESTEasy (JAX-RS), Hibernate ORM (JPA), Spring, Infinispan, Camel, and many more. In this training you will build a banking application that uses most of the basic frameworks that you will encounter in the real world like RESTEasy, Hibernate and REST clients. When the day is over you should be able to build a microservice and call that from the main application that also handles the UI and data storage. Of course in all tested with unit test and integration tests.

Target audience
This training is suitable for any developer with a Java background who wants to learn the essentials of Quarkus.

Learning goals

  • Understand the potential of Quarkus
  • Setup a Quarkus application
  • Configuration management
  • Using a multi module setup
  • Build a REST api
  • Call REST api from a Quarkus application
  • Use Hibernate to store data
  • Test your (micro)service

Training outline

  • Morning: Setup and getting familiar with Quarkus
  • Afternoon: Integration between services and modules.

Provided training material
Cases, slides and source code.

About the trainer
Jago is a senior full-stack software engineer at OpenValue, the preferred technology partner of Expandior Academy. As a software engineer he has seen a broad-spectrum of projects and he has been working on multiple large scale educational software and banking projects for the last years. His work is not exclusive to Java and Scala development but Jago also does front-end development, and the integration between these. He is passionate about his work and likes to share the extensive knowledge he has gained over the last decade. You might have seen Jago during one of his presentations at international conferences. Jago has followed the Quarkus development since the beginning and is currently building services in his day to day job with Quarkus as well.

Practical details

Standard pricing for this training: EUR 695,- ex VAT per attendee.
Please contact us for pricing for tailored content and for in house group trainings.

Trainings can be given in one of our offices (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Munich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Zurich), on site at a client location, or (in some cases) remote. Training content can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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