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WebRTC Essentials

Trainer(s): Jens Knipper, duration: 8 hours

WebRTC is a specification implemented in almost all modern web browsers. Using simple Javascript and HTML5 you can make your webpage a communication platform providing secure audio, video, data and desktop sharing. The biggest video conferencing tools make use of this open specification, which is integrated in many web browsers and libraries.
In this Workshop, we will teach you all you need that is required to create a basic WebRTC Client and Server for voice and video communication.

Detailed description
In this training, we will provide you the fundamentals that are needed for the subsequent units. You will get to know the protocols and standards, which are used by WebRTC, and learn how to use them in your own client. We will also talk about handling network and firewall restrictions, end2end encryption and security considerations for the client and server implementation.
The main part of this course will be very fun: The attendees will use the previously learned knowledge to implement a basic WebRTC client, which will be able to connect to another WebRTC client and start a secure, end2end encrypted video call.
By enhancing the server implementation, we will dive deeper into supporting protocols and network types.
The day will finish by giving the attendees some useful links and samples for transforming their basic client implementation into something useful in a future project.

On request, the trainer can also provide a deeper knowledge of technologies like (S)RTP, Codecs, STUN/TURN/ICE, NAT, TLS and end2end encryption provided by WebRTC.

Target audience
This training is suitable for developers, who intend to develop a webbased communication platform or callcenter application.

Learning goals

  • WebRTC fundamentals
  • Security and privacy considerations
  • Understanding network configurations
  • Implementation of a basic WebRTC client (Javascript or Typescript)

Skills acquired in this training
To understand the samples, you should at least have basic knowledge about Javascript and web technologies.
If you’re already experienced in a topic, we can also skip or go deeper into a lesson.

Practical details

Standard pricing for this training: EUR 695,- ex VAT per attendee.
Please contact us for pricing for tailored content and for in house group trainings.

Trainings can be given in one of our offices (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Munich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Zurich), on site at a client location, or (in some cases) remote. Training content can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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